Team Rundumfamilie

All around Family (Rundumfamilie)

“My child is bullying other kids.” – “My child is a coward.” – “At home my child is kind and courteous but in school he is constantly disrupting lessons.” – “I’ve got a notion my child is increasingly withdrawing from me.” – “My child is restless.”

Have you ever had these thoughts? Most of all the other parents, too. So your child is more normal than you think.

Nevertheless, in specific cases it can be helpful to resort to external counselling concerning educational matters, for example when your children and you are having a hard time adjusting to new familial constellations. In cases of separation and divorce, we support you as counsellors according to § 95 Außerstreitgesetz (Non-contentious proceedings act).

New relationships can prove challenging. Patchwork families produce a very complex, perplexing social network all the involved parties have to get used to and sometimes causes disturbances. In cases like these, you can benefit from our long-term practical experiences.

Furthermore, Rundumfamilie offers support when you are concerned that your pre-school child might display developmental delays or when a case of death is shattering your family.

When you feel powerless/helpless in your parenting role and when you ask yourself: “What can I do?”, please contact us.