Team Rundumbeteiligung

All around Life (Rundumleben)

You think you’ve got a story to tell and would like to give the story of your life as a present to your descendants?

You feel your life is ending – and you want to leave your biography to your children and grandchildren as a farewell gift?

A beloved person has died and you would like to say good-bye together with others by exchanging memories, by telling stories, by recalling anecdotes – and you want to preserve this event appropriately?

Your grandmother, who already has everything, celebrates her seventy-fifth birthday, and you’re looking for a unique present?

Every life deserves to be told. Rundumleben documents your story (or the story of your loved ones) and transforms your biography into a movie, a book, or an audio feature. All we need is your time – the time you deem necessary to talk about your life. We understand our work as a fundamentally curious project, we are driven and fascinated by the uniqueness of every human existence.
Simply contact us and tell us stories from your life. We are excitedly looking forward to it.