All around Participation (Rundumbeteiligung)

A wind turbine shall be constructed in front of your house and you want to join in that conversation?

You are a company in the energy or the infrastructure sector and are increasingly faced with outraged citizens?

You are a member of a citizens’ action committee organizing resistance against the construction of a bypass road?

You are working in a governmental department responsible for authorizing projects and you’ve realized that in recent years most processes have slowed down because affected neighbours want to have their say, too?

You are the mayor of a municipality and upset citizens want to overthrow your favourite project?

Participative processes can help. Rundumbeteiligung considers participation as an ideal approach to find joint decisions. By applying the principles of transparency and openness, participation is more than negotiation, and the result is more than a compromise. Working together, talking and listening to each other creates mutual understanding and respective knowledge. Therefore, projects founded on participation provide benefits for all the parties involved.