“Inside/outside” method of conflict resolution

You want to implement a sustainable form of conflict management in your organization, your business, your school?

The “inside/outside” method of conflict resolution, developed by Daniela Musiol and Andreas Jindra, can help.

  • If you are a certified mediator but cannot put your abilities to use in the company you work for because you’re afraid your omnipartiality will be compromised,
  • if friends and acquaintances approach you in conflict situations, but you tend to turn down their pleas for support because of your personal proximity,
  • if you’ve got a notion your organization/your compeny is in dire need of counselling, but all the external consultants always start from scratch, and progress is therefore very limited,

then we can support you by implementing the “inside/outside” method of conflict resolution in your organization.

Furthermore, our workshop “Inside/Outside – Never mind the closeness” imparts invaluable knowledge and know-how using a wide range of case examples.
The workshop can be submitted as professional training according to § 20 ZivMediatG (Law on Mediation).
Further details and upcoming workshop dates can be found in our calendar of events (in German).

Daniela Musiol, musiol (at) rundumberatung.at, 0664 424 05 26
Andreas Jindra, www.andreasjindra.at